5G technology is the infrastructure of interconnection of all things, representing efficient data transmission, fast response low delay, multi-device synchronous connection. At present 5G has become one of the current key development themes. According to the latest news of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has built 5G largest network in the world, with a total of 718000 base stations. 2021 will still speed up, planning to build 5G of base stations more than 600000.

  Along with 5G technology popularization, our country RF industry market is rising continuously. 5G demand for high-frequency, high-performance, high-reliability connectors and cable components has grown rapidly, and various connector companies have taken action, including our own brands RenhotecIC.if you need to know more about connectors and cable components,please contact us in time or click on the website https://www.renhotecic.com/ to purchase.

  RenhotecIC invest in RF front-end devices ,5G antenna and antenna components and wireless charging module projects, in which RF front-end devices mainly include PA、 filters, combiner, connectors and other RF components.

  Facing the opportunity of 5G's development, RenhotecIC insists on focusing on the main industry of radio frequency, fully grasping the business opportunities of 5G's mobile terminal, base station end and vehicle networking, doing a good job in advance of the pre-research of the technical path, and doing a good job in supporting the products of domestic and foreign major customers.

  With the construction of 5G entering the substantive implementation stage, higher requirements have been put forward for interconnect system products such as antenna, RF connector, and the standards and requirements in materials research and development, shape design, manufacturing process, automatic assembly and other processes are higher than 4G. Each major enterprise conforms to the industry development trend, in order to obtain the superiority in the 5G electronic component competition, adds the code to carry on the production line base, the foundation material and the foundation craft and so on investment and the research and development, enhances the technology core superiority.