Mobile phone radiation has always been a controversial topic, manufacturers try to hide, the government does not have a clear standard, consumers do not care much, but the 5G era is coming ,5G network not only frequency faster than 4, Base station construction will be more, more dense distribution ,5 mobile phone radiation to the human body can continue to ignore?

  There are regulations around the world on the value of cell phone exposures, with most currently using ICNIRP and FCC standards W/kg.2 and 1.6, respectively The average value MHz the field parameters of the ambient electromagnetic radiation field within 24 hours a day for the frequency range of 30-3000 should be satisfied in any continuous 6 minutes: the average specific absorptivity of the whole body should SAR be less than 0.02 W/kg. according to the average specific absorptivity of the whole body

  People's torso and limbs are affected by mobile phone radiation for the longest time, usually a few hours or more a day, but the prescribed value of the torso and limbs affected by mobile phone radiation is not clear, the United States, China and India do not have corresponding regulations, only the European Union regulations are relatively complete.

  Dense 5G base stations, greater radiation

  Hope to enjoy the 5G of scientific and technological progress and convenience, but also pay attention to the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body. According to the physical knowledge, the base station density is higher after the arrival of 5G, and the high frequency of microwave relay is very harmful to human body

  Electromagnetic wave "and" electromagnetic radiation "are synonyms, electromagnetic wave, is electromagnetic radiation, referred to as" radiation ", we usually talk about "radiation" actually refers to electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave is the conduction of the change of electromagnetic state of an object.

  The specific installation density is not qualitative. If we estimate it according to the standard of 3G, the current 5 base stations are mainly laid in urban areas, and the network demand in urban areas is greater, about 0.5 km, about 1.5 km in the suburbs.

  How dangerous is cell phone radiation compared to other radio waves?

  Mobile phones use radio waves to communicate with a large network of fixed devices called base stations or cellular communication towers. These radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation in the same frequency range as TV and microwave ovens.

  Different kinds of electromagnetic radiation propagate at different frequencies and wavelengths. At one end of the spectrum, gamma and X rays have known effects on health. Cell phones rely on radio waves, and the potential harm of long-term exposure to their exposure is uncertain.

  Such radiation, also known as radio-frequency energy, should not be confused with ionizing radiation such as gamma rays and X rays, which can strip electrons from atoms and cause damage, including cancer.


  The role of science and technology in promoting social development G the economic and social promotion of industry is undeniable. The era of 5G is coming. When enjoying the scientific and technological progress and convenience brought by 5 mobile phones, the radiation problem of 5 G mobile phones should also be paid attention to.

  RenhotecIC think Cell phones have never been as safe as merchants define. Healthy consumers must pay attention to mobile phone radiation and not be overwhelmed by the 5G mobile phone boom.