Delivery instructions

About shipping

1. We will be in accordance with the order of the receiving date of receipt, the consignee information delivery, and is responsible for the goods delivered to the customer specified shipping address;

2. If the customer needs to change the shipping address or consignee information in the order after the order is submitted, the customer should contact the product exchange before placing the order out and make the address change if the two parties agree. If the customer fails to fill in the receipt information is not accurate, or without the exchange of information on the site changes, resulting in goods can not be served, all losses borne by the customer.

3. Parcels are usually distributed within 2 days of receipt of payment and are delivered by courier without signature tracking and release. If you prefer to provide the required signature by UPS Extra, you will be charged an additional fee, so please contact us before choosing this method. Whichever way you choose, we will provide you with links to online tracking packages.

4. By the express delivery orders, in accordance with the general express delivery delivery door; by the logistics and distribution orders, the logistics company is responsible for delivery to the point, not upstairs, such as customer requirements sent to the floor, by the customer directly and logistics companies to communicate And directly pay upstairs costs.

5. Shipping costs include handling and packing fees and postage. The processing costs are fixed and the shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the shipment. We recommend that you group your items in an order. We can not group two different orders, the shipping will apply to each order. Your parcel will be at your own risk, but with special attention to protecting the fragile object.

About return

7 days no reason to return policy

You buy the RenhotecIC goods within 7 days (including 7 days, since the logistics system feedback from the date of receipt), in ensuring the goods outside the packaging intact, does not affect the secondary sales under the premise of no reason to return. You can through the website customer service or mail feedback after-sales needs, by courier and mail returned by the goods, need to be confirmed before the delivery of the receiving number, or will not accept; due to customer reasons caused by the return and maintenance, freight by the customer side Bear; by the cause of the electric cause of the return and maintenance, freight borne by us. Tips: Suggested product packaging, accessories, gifts from the date of receipt of reservations for 15 days, when the goods returned with the original packaging.

About packing

We use the right size of the box to ensure that your items are well protected.