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100kPa Aluminum Metal DN15 Solenoid Valve for Natural Gas Alarm Sensor Detector


Features:   ● Made of aluminum alloy, high temperature and corrosion resistant material, long service life ● It needs to be used together with the gas alarm. When harmful and strong vibration occurs, the valve will automatically close to ensure the safety of the gas. ● Applicable to city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas for t..


10Pcs Magnetic Gas Cylinder Tool Gas Tank Level Indicator Propane Butane LPG Fuel Gauge Caravan Bottle Temperature Measuring Stick Temperature Detector


Features: 1. This product can safely accurate measurement of the gas capacity, according to the temperature of the gas. Temperature range for - 10℃ to 120°C, can show the different colors of blue, green, brown, with green marks the right temperature, and can be recycled for a long time. 2. Place your Gas Level Indicator on a clean area on the lo..


110V 3.5/30/ 40g/h Ozone Generator Machine Industrial Air Purifier Ozonator Disinfection


Feature:1. Long-life alloy slurry ceramic ozone chip, supporting a dedicated integrated power module, good heat dissipation.2. Pure copper blower, large air volume, easy heat dissipation and ozone diffusion.3. With timer switch function, easy operation for 5-60min.4. Sterilization function. Drainage for swimming pool, aquarium. Used for indoor and ..


110V Ozone Generator 10000mg/h Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier


Specifications:   Product Name: 110V Ozone Generator 10000mg/h Ozone Disinfection Machine Air Purifier Material: Stainless steel acrylic Color: Silver Power: 80W Input voltage: 110V Frequency:50Hz Ozone output: 5g/10g/15g/20g/24g Plug: US plug Ozone output: 10000mg / h Size:15*17*16.5cm   Features:   - Ozone is a strong oxidant, disinfectant, refin..


110V Portable Ozone Generator Integrated Ceramic Ozonizer 5/10/15/20/24g


Type 1: Output: 5gType 2: Output: 10gType 3: Output: 15gType 4: Output: 20gType 5: Output: 20gFeatures:Take advantage of high voltage, use dry air or oxygen in the air as material to produce ozone.2 layers design with rapidly sterilization, it it effectively kill bacterial propagules and spores, fungi, etc., without any residual and secondary pollu..


110V/220V 400mg/h Ozone Generator Food Fruit Vegetable Washing Digital Machine Household Sterilization Deodorizing Detoxification Water Purifier


GL-3188 is certificated ozone generator that fits to the ozone water request at household, kitchen and family . Ozone water is the most pure and pollution-free oxidant in nature, with sterilization, detoxification, deodorizatin function. It kill 99% bacteria and viruis, 60%+ chemicals within 2-5 minutes. and then in 20 minutes will be reduced to ox..


12L High Temperature Sterilizer Nail Salon Portable Sterilizing Tool Dry Heat


Item Specifics:Material: Stainless SteelColor: SilverCapacity: 12LWatt: 1000WVoltage: 220-240VFrequency: 50/60HzDisinfection Time: 0-30minSterilization Temperature: 100-250℃Dimension: 225 x 210 x 325 mm / 8.86 x 8.27 x 12.80 in (approx.)Plug: EU Plug (we will send you the suitable adapter according to your location) Features:● Fast and efficient, s..


1400W 4.5L Electric Fogger ULV Sprayer Disinfection Sterilization Insecticide Farming Office & Industrial EU/US 60HZ/50HZ 110V/220V


Specifications:Type: Pressure Fogger SprayerPower: 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZColor:Blue/GreenMotor power: 1400WMedicin box capacity: 4.5LDroplet particles: 0-30 micronsPlug: EU/US PlugRange: 5-10 metersSpray volume: 150.260ml / min (adjustable)(1cm=10mm=0.39inch)Measurement Details in the attached picture.Package included:1x Pressure Fogger Sprayer1x Engl..


1450W Portable Electric Fan Silent Heater Thermostat Overheat Protect 3


Feature:   - 3 seconds of quick heat, space can be warmed quickly. - Heating wire heating, with good thermal efficiency and long service life. - 3 speeds of wind mode: Nature wind; Low heat(750W); High heat(1450W) - Double side air intake for high heat conversion. - Automatic thermostat control. - Overheat protection: When the machine ..


2 in 1 Upgrade 5V UV Light Phone Sterilizer Box Jewelry Masks Baby Toys Phones Cleaner Personal Sanitizer Disinfection Cabinet


Description:【UV Cell Phone Sanitizer 】Germicidal UV light eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Dual UV bulbs, Sanitizes your device in less than 8 minutes, Protect yourself and those closest to you by sanitizing your phone regularly. This smartphone sterilizer box to kill 99.9% of common household germs such as staph, e. coli and salmonella...


2 in 1 UV Black Light Torch Portable Fake Money Cash Detector


Description :2 in 1 UV Black Light Torch Portable Fake Money Cash DetectorFeature : This 2 in 1 portable torch light money detector is compact and convenient, it can be used to detect counterfeit money or verify real money easily.In addition it also contains a powerful light torch. Night lighting can be used as a flashlight, high brightness and con..


2000mg/h Ozone Generator Machine Food Industrial Purifier Smoke Odor Air Cleaner Air Purifier


Overview:   Ozone is a strong oxidant, disinfectant, refining agent.  Ozone has been widely used in the treatment of drinking water. Ozone sterilization and disinfection of new products, compared to other disinfection methods, it is trying to run more stable. At present, it has been widely used in food, beverage, hospital, swimming pool, farm, sewa..


2000W Adjustable High Pressure Steam Cleaner Machine Auto Handheld Cleaning Instrument


Specification: Name: High Pressure Steam Cleaner MachineModel: E84169Material: Plastic&MetalMachine Size: 17x8x6cmInlet Pipe Length: 1.3mPower Cable Length: 1.8mSteam Pipe Length: 2mVoltage: AC 220VPower: 2000WWater Consumption: 120ml/minSteam Pressure:>5KGF/CM2Working Temperature: >100℃Features: -The degree of steam can be adjusted.-Clean dirt, d..


20g/h 220V Ozone Generator Disinfection Machine Air Filter Purifier Fan with EU Plug


Features: Applied to dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, electronic shoe cabinet, air purifier and so on. This ozone generator is portable, easy for professional DIY use. Low power consumption, so it will help you to save power. Safe, quiet and efficient. Take advantage of high voltage, use dry air or oxygen in the air as raw mater..


20g/h Ozone Generator Double Integrated Long Life For Home Air Water Purifier Module


Instructions for use:   1. This product is suitable for 120 square meters of space. 2. 2 squares can be disinfected in 1 minute (for example: 20 squares working for 10 minutes) 3. Don't stay inside during disinfection, ventilate for ten minutes before stopping 4. Normal formaldehyde removal of formaldehyde odor, about once a day 5. The machine shou..

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