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Features: Ideal indoor temperature and humidity meter. Mini size, convenient to carry. Measure the current temperature and humidity. Analog display, easy to read.Specification:Form Color: White Material: ABS Measurement Unit: Celsius Measuring Temperature: -35~55°C Measuring Humidity: 20-100 Battery..
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Features:➢Electric lithium battery, powerful battery life, available for 150 minutes on one charge.➢High-quality nano spray port, using PA high temperature resistant material, fast fogging, large amount of fog.➢Porous heat dissipation, the device releases a large amount of nano-spray while the fusel..
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Description: This digital meter which can display temperature and humidity simultaneously, with maximum and minimum value display. It is suitable for desktop placing or wall hanging.   Features:   Measure temperature and humidity at the same time. Touch key to switch temperature unit: Celsius(°C) or..
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Description:   A7 Indoor Outdoor MIni Wet Hygrometer Humidity Thermometer Temperature Meter Features:   Easy to read and use. Dependable reading with high accuracy. Convenient size and quality construction. Color indicator for comfort zone. With a hook for wall mounting or rack. Proper range design ..
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Features:High-precision digital temperature and humidity sensor, high precision, high response speedHD color LCD displayTemperature unit can be selected: ℃/℉Maximum and minimum measurement: MAX, MINScreen lock: HOLDDew point temperature measurementWet bulb temperature measurementOver-range promptLow..
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Features:    Large-character LCD display. Multi-function. Low power consumption. High stability & accuracy.    Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously. Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value. 12 hour / 24 hour displaying system selectable. ℃/℉ unit selectable. Clock & Calendar function (m..
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Features:    Measuring Temperature range:  -10°C~+70°C (-14°F~+158°F)   Measuring Humidity range: 10%~90% RH Accuracy: Temperature ±1°C (1.8°F)                   Humidity ± 5% RH Resolution: Temperature 0.1°C (0.2°F)                       Humidity 1% RH Power source: 1*AAA (1.5V) batte..
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Features:   1. Large LCD display, temperature, humidity, weather situation, moon phase, time, date and week at the same time. Calendar is from Jan.1, 2003 to Dec.31, 2052. 2. LED backlight function, more convenient to use the product at night. 3. Weather forecast function, predict the weather based ..
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Features : Temperature shown in Celsius and Fahrenheit Can accurately measure the outdoor temperature quickly Easy to view the outside temperature from inside your home Self adhesive to stick to window, waterproof Clips off easily so can be removed from base for cleaning etc Black temperature indica..
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Features: Electronic ink screen, white "paper" black characters show more clearly In desktop mode, open the stand and it can be placed steady on the desktop  Wall mode, built-in magnet can be rotated to adjust the angle Ultra-wide viewing angle, almost 180°, it is easier to see the temperature and h..
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  Features :1. The system of 12/24 2. The calendar (2000-2099), 3. The weather forecast function 4. The alarm clock & lie-ins 5. According to indoor temperature and humidity, humidity ranges from 20% to 95% 6. The moon shows 7. The thermometer (C/F) - 9 C ~ + 50 C 8. The maximum, minimum temperature..
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Description:   DC107 Large Digital LCD Indoor Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer Hygrometer Clock Time Features:   Indoor temperature display, indoor humidity display Time display; temperature unit ℃/℉ changeable. Memory of MAX/MIN value of temperature, and display the recorded time simultaneous..
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